High quality
is our middle name.

Driven by experience, we deliver only the perfect results.

about us

We are a family business
and we are proud of it!

Precise direct printing on technical and advertising products is our specialty. What distinguishes us is the experience and commitment we bring into every project.

While the main part of our production is covered by industrial projects, we take on smaller projects, too, always adapting solutions to customer needs and always being guided by quality.

After all, quality is our middle name!

why us

Would you like
to get to know us better?

Discover the reasons why you should consider working with us.



We won’t count the amount of coffee drunk in over 20 years of our continued work. During this time, we’ve seen and done almost everything in terms of printing, and yet we still approach each and every order with unwavering commitment and enthusiasm.



This phrase does not only reign on our website – it is our motto. This is our hallmark. Our middle name. The highest quality possible, regardless of the location or shape of the print, is our main goal in every project.



We understand that “time is money”, so we always act in accordance with the customer’s deadlines, planning, producing and delivering on time!



After so many projects completed, we find each of them different. Understanding individual goals and project expectations allow us to adjust our technical facilities and manage the process to always respond to the client’s needs.


Without the trust of our customers, we wouldn’t have survived a single year. After 20 years, we are proud of the numerous cooperations with producers, agencies and well-known brands that have entrusted us with their projects. Here are some of them.


Multi-Concept Sp. z o.o. Sp. J.
Pęgów ul. Jarzębinowa 14,
55-120 Oborniki Śląskie, Polska


Dorota Trościaniec
+48 71 312 49 63

Wrocław Psary branch

ul. Główna 1a
51-180 Psary, Polska
+48 501 724 916

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